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1964 - 1965 Chevelle Aluminum Radiator With Dual HP Fans And Aluminum Shroud

1964 - 1965 Chevelle Aluminum Radiator With Dual HP Fans And Aluminum Shroud
SKU 9289-HD-E
Weight 54.00 lbs
Our price: $780.00
Transmission Type
Upper Radiator Hose Connection

The 1964 - 1965 Chevelle has a lot of things going for it when it comes to cooling options. For a small block, you can fit just about any motor and accessory drive, including the Vintage Air and March serpentine systems, without having to get creative with making it all fit. 

Regardless if your Chevelle was an original 6 cylinder car, small block car or big block car, this radiator will fit bolt right into your Chevelle. For small block powered cars, it will fit with a v-belt, serpentine drive, long water or short water pump: it will fit with ease. 

For big block cars, things get a bit trickier. For standard big blocks with a short water pump and v-belts, this setup will bolt right in and cool great up to 600 horsepower. For big block cars with a long water pump or serpentine drive systems, our triple pass model will work great.

To make everything fit with your big block and billet accessory drive, we specially configure the fans on that model to clear the trouble spots that cause intereference problems on big blocks. Typically the power steering pump and the A/C compressor with serpentine systems. 


- 2-rows of 1-1/4" cooling tubes

- Cooling power up to 600HP

- Dual 11" HPX aluminum fans for a total 3000 CFM

- Precision TIG welded construction

- Lifetime warranty

- Billet CNC machined filler neck

- Heavy duty plate transmission cooler

- Stainless steel hardware

Like all of our radiators, it's made in the USA. We guarantee you'll think it's sexy and guarantee it to cool your car with ease. And of course our lifetime warranty on everything: radiator and fans. 

For fan control, you can use our FC03 fan controller. It allows you to run the fans at both and a low speed versus just an ON/OFF setting.

The FC03 controller is also great for v-belt cars with lower powered alternators. It will make sure your alternator isn't hammered hard when the high powered fans go to work to cool your engine down. 

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