1964 - 1965 Chevelle Aluminum Radiator With Dual HP Fans And Aluminum Shroud

Product Code: 9289-HD-E

Manufacturer: Entropy Radiator

 This is our heavy duty aluminum radiator for the 1964 and 1965 Chevelle with 11" HP fans and an aluminum shroud.. This radiator setup will fit both original big block and small block cars. Like all of our downflow units, this radiator is built with *** 2-rows of 1-1/4" tubes *** for high horsepower cooling, not 1" tubes. This bolts in directly - no holes to drill or a trip to the hardware store for a parts hunt or drilling holes in your core support. Also included is the aluminum shroud with high powered 11" paddle blade fans (not the cheap lower powered fans) delivering a TRUE 3000 CFM. Together, they pull 35-40 amps (check the current rating on the cheapy fans that claim to pull high CFM).  

Like all of our radiators, it's made with pride in the USA with USA made cores. Unlike most radiators, our cores are purpose built for high performance cooling and are not made using standard passenger car (PC) cores. All of our radiators are fully TIG welded, use heavy duty transmission coolers, no epoxy, a billet filler neck, brass overflow connections and a brass drain cock.

For all of our downflow units, we recommend using a 20 PSI cap.

For the matching plug-and-play wiring kit, please use our wiring harness part number DF-WH-01 or click here.

This is available for use with the stock style upper 1964 - 1965 radiator hoses and thermostat housing or the 1966 - 1967 upper radiator hose and thermostat housing (much more common). Please select the hose configuration from the option box below.

Please call to order (773)669-6573


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