1967 - 1969 Camaro Aluminum Radiators


Do you REALLY want to run the same Chinese E-bay radiator as this guy in your Camaro? 

When it comes to building a bad ass pro-touring camaro, details count. You spend hours thinking about every detail on your baby. The exact color of the paint. The lobe seperation angle of the camshaft you're going to run. The color of the night time tach illumination and which way the hose clamps face on your radiator hoses. We get it and breathe it everyday.
This is what hot rodding is all about - expressing yourself through 4000 lbs of bad ass hot rod. Details count. Which is why we make sure when you bolt our radiator into your camaro, it keeps the theme going. Beautiful TIG welds and attention to detail like stainless button head cap screws. All made right here in the USA.
In addition to making your ride look beautiful, you also want to protect it and enjoy the horsepower of your engine without having to worry. Do you really want to be nervous about melting your engine everytime it's 80 degrees outside? If you've been there before, you know how much that sucks. How far from home can I drive before I will worry about getting stranded? If I do have to call a tow truck, what are the odds he scratches my $10,000 paint job or wrecks my $4000 front suspension with a tow hook?
You spend all of that time building your baby so you can enjoy it - hassle free. That means you can blast the air conditioning with 700 horsepower and not worry about your baby having a meltdown. To make sure you have piece of mind, we guarantee all of our radiator/fan combos will keep your engine cool. 

Small Block, Big Block or LSX Conversion Radiators

Regardless of which type of engine you have in your 1967 - 1969 Camaro, we make your cooling problems go away. Instantly. For small black or big block applications up to 600 horsepower or 700 horsepower LSX motors, use our models with 1" tubes. Over 600/700 horsepower levels, step up to our models with 1-1/4" tubes or our 2" tube for massive cooling power. All of our radiator and fan combos are fully assembled and ready to bolt into your camaro with a lifetime warranty on everything - radiator and fans.

Made In The USA 

Do you really want a radiator made by Chinese communists? We're sure you probably don't. Though your machinist would probably love it if you went ahead and bought a $200 Ebay Chinese radiator. That way he ensures you're a steady repeat customer for engine teardowns and warped heads. 



Customized For You

A big part of hot rodding is putting your own unique stamp on your hot rod project. Maybe you'd like to use AN braided hoses, need custom size hose connections or AN connections welded on for your transmission cooler lines. It is no problem for us to custom tailor your radiator specifically to your needs. Just give us a call or send us a message on what you're looking for.


No Middle Men 

A question you may be asking yourself is how can a killer radiator, with better craftsmanship than X-Cool's "cooling modules" cost almost 1/2 of the X-Cool model?
That's a great question and a question we are asked quite often. The answer is really simple. If you've ever watched The Soprano's, your familiar with how invisible middle men take a piece of the pie. In hot rodding parts, it works more like this:
A manufacturer makes a product they sell for $100. 
They add 15% to spend on marketing.
Then a national sales rep adds 10%.
Then a national warehouse distributor adds 35%. Plus the shipping costs of getting the product into the warehouse and warehousing costs.
Then a local distributor or smaller online seller adds 25%. Plus the shipping costs to the distributor if they happen to actually keep the product in stock.

 $100 +15% = $115 + 10%  = $126.50 + 35% = $170.78 +25% = $213.47 + 3X SHIPPING COSTS

This is what the Tony Soprano distribution system looks like. It's old school and this how most of the large companies making high performance parts operate. A bunch of middle men running up the price with NO BENEFIT TO YOU THE CUSTOMER. We cut all of them out which is how we are able to sell our products directly to you - with no middle men. 

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