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1982 - 1992 Camaro Firebird LSX Conversion Aluminum Radiator With Dual HP Fans And Aluminum Shroud

1982 - 1991 Camaro LSX Conversion Aluminum Radiator With Dual HP Fans And Aluminum Shroud
Weight 41.00 lbs
Our price: $860.00
Transmission Type

Note: This radiator is made specifically for the 82 - 92 Fbody and is not a universal fit that many companies sell for these cars. It has the hose connections and driver side mounting lugs in the correct place for the third gen f-body cars.

In they early days of LSX swaps, you had to be Rambo and trail blaze every aspect of your LSX swap. Maybe the motor mounts didn't position the motor with enough clearance for your headers to clear the frame. Then when moved the engine backwards for the headers to clear, the A/C compressor crashes into the frame rail. 

Fortunatley with the popularity of LSX swaps, that is no longer the case. Especially when it comes to the radiator setup for your swap. Back when we started building LSX swap radiators in 2004, it was the wild wild west of LSX swaps. 

We've taken the bullets for you so you don't need to. Regardless if you're running a 5.3L truck engine or a 6.2L LSA supercharged crate engine, our radiatorwill fit, clear the accessory drive and do a killer job of keeping your engine cool.

For the upper hose, the upper hose from a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse turbo AWD is almost a perfect fit.

For the lower hose, the lower hose from a 1999 Silverado 5.3L is close and will require trimming to work.

Our LSX radiator is a double-pass configuration with both hose connections on the passenger side. This is a two-pronged benefit for your LSX swap project. First, it looks clean without the top radiator hose running all over your engine compartment.

And the second benefit is because it's a double-pass configuration,  it provides an additional 20% cooling capacity over a single pass radiator. Considering LSX radiators are much more efficient than a conventional small block engine, this gives you killer cooling up to 700 horsepower and beyond without having to a core with larger tubes.

This radiator has the correct size hose connections for a LSX motor and has the correct steam vent port for LSX swaps.

If you've been reading about your LSX swap and are thinking or tapping the water pump to run the steam vent back into it: DON'T DO IT! You will be shooting yourself in the foot. With a bazooka.

One of the best features of the LSX motor is the steam vent system, which is one of the features that allow LSX motors to run high compression or boost on pump gas. Disabling it is a disgrace of the sacred. 


- 2-rows of 1" cooling tubes

- dual 11" HP fans for a total 3000 CFM

- precision TIG welded construction

- Lifetime warranty

- billet CNC machined filler neck

- heavy duty plate transmission cooler

- stainless steel hardware

100% guaranteed to be sexy and awesome. We guarantee you'll think our products are sexy and will cool your engine up to our stated horsepower cooling capacity.

For fan control, use our FC-03 LSX fan controller made specifically to duplicate the Corvette C5 two-speed fan functionality. 

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