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Plug-And-Play Fully Programmable Fan Controllers

If you’re not a full time electrician, and not looking to be one, then we are about to simplify your electric cooling fan conversion by exponential levels. Our fan controllers are preset out of the box so you can just plug them in and have your new electric cooling fan ready to go in 20 minutes.

But what if you want to adjust the temperature that your fans turn on at? No problem – just open the cover, set the switches to the desired temperature and your done. Have Vintage Air, factory A/C or aftermarket A/C? No problem – a simple one wire connection activates the fans when your A/C comes on.

Temperature SWITCH Bad. Temperature SENSOR Good.

With our can controller, we eliminated the number one problem with going to electric cooling fans: mechanical temperature switches. Mechanical temperature switches are typically failure prone and even worse, you can’t adjust the temperature at which your fans come on. In many cases, they even promote galvanic corrosion by inducing an electrical current into your cooling system.

Electrical current in your cooling system is kryptonite for aluminum radiators and will destroy your radiator quickly and without mercy. Our fan controller uses an ultra-reliable GM coolant temp sensor used on many production engines. This allows you to enjoy OEM levels of reliability without having to worry about your engine melting down because of a cheap temperature switch.

Get The CFMs You Paid For

So now that you have a killer dual electric high CFM fan setup, the last thing you want to do is wire it up with cheap wire. Most fan wiring kits come with 12 or 14 gauge wire, which is not adequate for high CFM bad ass fans (like ours) that draw high current.

Thin wire will cause a voltage drop between your battery and the fan. So if you’re battery voltage is 12.5 volts, you might only see 11.2 volts at your fan with in adequate wire. This can turn your 3000 CFM fan into a 2400 CFM fan instantly. That sucks,huh? Even worse, most big brand name fan wiring kits use Chinese wire, which is made with a really poor grade of copper.

This cheap Chinese wire used in many other 'big name' wiring kits decreases the current carrying capacity by A WHOLE WIRE GAUGE! This means your 12 gauge wire is really 14 gauge and 14 gauge is really 16 gauge. Since we know how important it is to deliver every possible voltage to your fans, we use high grade USA made 10 gauge wire. Inside, our fan controller is also made with double heavy duty solder contacts and an extra thick circuit board for extra current capacity.


Fully Programmable. Fully Sealed.

If you need to adjust the temps you would like your fans to come on at, no problem. Just remove the cover, set the dip switches, put the cover back on and your done. Slam, bam, thank-you mam. You can set the temperature to come on at any temperature from 160F - 215F. And because the fan controller housing is sealed and made from automotive grade Nylon, you can mount it anywhere you like under your hood.

No Electrical Engineering Degree Required For Vintage Air Hookup

If you've ever tried to hookup factory A/C or an aftermarket Vintge Air style system, you know it can make a prostate check seem fun. Most of the time, it involves extra relays, extra fuses, draining your A/C system and refilling it to change switches, etc. None of which is fun or easy.

Regardless if you have a binary switch, a trinary switch or have no idea what either of those two things are, you will be up and going in 5 minutes. With a simple one wire connection, your A/C system will be fully operational with our fan controller so the fans come on whenever the A/C is activated. Simple. 


Available in Single Fan and  Dual Fan Control

If you're using high powered fans that pull 20+ amps each or swapping a LSX motor into your bad ass hotrod, our dual fan controller will emulate the funciotnality of the 4th gen f-body and Corvette C5 factory PCM wire harness. Or in English, our dual fan controller allows you to run the fans at a low speed and a high speed.

With this low speed and high speed arrangement, your wife won't nag you that the fans are too loud and you won't kill your alternator by continously hammering it with the heavy amperage of our killer fans. By going from low speed to high speed rather than from completely off to high speed, the alternator isn't hammered with 60+ amps of inrush current at once. 

How does this dual speed fan magic work? Well, it's quite simple - from the outside. Our fan controller uses a series/parallel circuit to runs the fans in series at low speed and parallel at high speed. This is the same way the factory GM PCM controls the low speed and high speed operation of the fans. It's anultra reliable way to get dual speed fans. 

So unless you're working on your PhD in electrical engineering, using our prewired fan controller for two speed operation will save you from getting down on your knees and putting a shot gun in your mouth out of frustration. The controller will work with either factory PCMs to activate the fans or as a standalone system by itself.


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