Pro Touring

What is a Pro-Touring car?


A Pro-Touring car is a modern performance car built to be all things supercar using a classic muscle car body. This means modern design ques, big 13” brakes, air conditioning, leather interior, superior craftsmanship in the build and of course, massive amounts of horsepower. All of this with near OEM reliability with a modern fuel economy thrown in for good measure.


Paraphrased: It is a 7000% bad ass car. As such, it needs a 7000% bad ass radiator.


Just like a pro-touring car, your pro-touring radiator needs to do all things:


  1. Handle your high horsepower motor on the street or race track, with modern air conditioning

  2. Display modern design style.

  3. Encompass superior skilled craftsmanship.

  4. Include modern engineering design

  5. Reliability


Regardless if you’re putting a LS7 into a 67 Camaro or a 5.3L mod motor into a Porsche 944, we can make sure your cooling system is pro-touring worthy.


Few pro-touring projects are alike and as such, we can easily customize a radiator setup for your project. Our off-the-shelf radiators are usually in stock and can ship immediately to accommodate a tight time line on your project.


Or if you need something unique to your setup, we can easily build something for your project. And because we do so much custom work, we can usually build it much quicker than you probably experience with custom built components.


Nov-Touring Is The Anthisesis of Pro-Touring


If you're a die hard pro-touring guy (or gal), you know what a pro-touring car is. It's suspension, engine, interior, craftsmanship, safety, reliability and often neglegted style. It's not a paint job, Flowmasters and 17" torque thrusts on an otherwise stock car.


There is nothing pro-touring about drum brakes and 4-link steering setups. It's not Pro-Touring, it's Novice-Touring. Hereintofore known as Nov-Touring.


If you're into the pro-touring scene, this is probably offensive to you when you see someone call their car 'Pro-Touring'. Actually, it's more than offensive. It probably gets your blood boiling.


The Nov-Touring disease can carry over into lots of things. It can be wiring, substandard craftsmanship and parts that just aren't going to hold up on the race track. The Nov buiding a Nov-Touring car, they just don't get it.


That guys $99 Chinese clutch isn't going to last long on the road track. And when the $39 Nov-Touring fuel pump gives up 100 miles from home on the way back from the race track, that will really suck.


Pro-Touring cars drive home sipping fuel in 6th gear at 24 MPG on the highway with the A/C blasting and XM radio cranking. Nov-Touring cars ride home from the track on wreckers.


When it comes to your cooling system, it's easy to fall into the Nov-Touring mind trick. Like all things on your pro-touring project, you're car is bad ass. It has to be able to handle laps on the road course without a hicup. Without the coolant temps every climbing enough for you to break a sweat about your expensive motor build.


Then after a day at the track, your car needs to be able to sit in traffic on the way home in 95 degree heat with your Vintage Air A/C set on kill. Especially if you're wife decides to tag along to see what your expensive hobby is all about.


And if after spending $50k, $75k or even a lot more, how are you going to look if you can't even run the A/C in your car without it over heating? You're likely to never hear the end of it. And possibly have your pro-touring budget put into permenant austerity.


That's the difference between Pro-Touring and Nov-Touring.

Pro-Touring is a smarter mindest. Don't be a Nov. The Nov-Touring mindset suffers fools gladly.


We make sure your cooling system is up to pro-touring starndards. Which essentially means it's bulletproof and sexy. You can throw laps at the track at it and 102 degree days with the A/C blasting.


Select from one of the vehicles below to check out our radiator setups for your project. Or if you need somthing unique for your project, drop us an e-mail or give us a call to take your cooling system to the next level.



Questions? Give us a call (773)669-6573 and let us know how we can help take your pro-touring build to the next level.




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